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Agricultural Business

  • Download "Got Moo-La? Where to go for Wisconsin Business Assistance". A great list of primarily ag related business resources in Wisconsin maintained by Carl Rainey at DATCP. 1.34 MB, in PDF format.

  • Wisconsin Agricultural statistics

  • Wisconsin Agricultural Innovation Center. UW Extension hosts The Agricultural Innovation Center. This is a great source of information, especially for new farmers, ag entrepreneurs and existing food and farm operations who are looking for information about new programs

  • Center for Integrated Agricultural Studies. A sustainable agricultural research center at UW-Madison

  • Wisconsin Dept. of Ag Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCAP) Farming and Agriculture business development information page

  • Marketing Wisconsin agriculture. Wisconsin's farms and agricultural businesses generate more than $51.5 billion in economic activity and provide jobs for 420,000 people. About one out of every eight state citizens works in a job related to farming.

  • Wisconsin USDA Rural Development. Check under the Business and Community menu

  • Iowa County landowners reference guide published by UW Extension 2008. Download in PDF format.

  • Ag Marketing Resource Center. Ag business development tools through the land grant university systems.

  • Wisconsin state Ag business resource contacts

  • Wisconsin Ag Connection